Island League

The Island Soccer League (ISL) is a competitive youth soccer league on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for

grades 5 - 8. This fall we are excited the have the New England Revolution Academy working with

our ISL coaches and players!  The season training schedule hasn't been organized yet but all

teams ( boys and girls ) in all divisions will have sessions with the Revs staff. These session

will include both the players as well as the coaches.

ISL will provide a full game schedule with a playoff tournament at the end of the season.

The League will be split into Division 1 (grades 7 - 8) and Division 2 (grades 5 - 6) teams.

There will be boys and girls divisions provided that there are enough players for each specific group.



Here is some more of what the Island League has to offer:

  • Qualified coaches

  • Full game schedule, with playoffs at the end of season

  • Option for off island tournaments

  • Skill and tactical development

  • Minimum of 2, 90 minute training sessions per week

  • Minimum of 1, 50 minute officiated game per week

  • Skills competitions

  • Team identity and healthy competition

  • New uniform kits modeled after Major League Soccer & the National Women’s

  • Soccer League

  • Compete for the Vineyard Cup

  • Opportunity for those playing to showcase him or herself for prospective winter

  • and spring travel teams



After a season of playing in the Island League your player will:

  • Improve technical and foundation skills

  • Increased number of core soccer moves to his or her repertoire

  • Deeper understanding of positioning and the positional number system

  • Gain a more concise understanding of Vineyard soccer

  • Create new friendships and strengthen existing ones

  • Exposed to variety of coaching techniques and methods

The ISL is designed to be both a fun and competitive league that will teach strong foundation soccer skills and build

upon prior soccer knowledge. The goal is to elevate every player’s game and technique. The ISL will help M.V. United

create competitive and well balanced travel teams for the Spring, as well as put forth tournament teams for the

Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. We hope to build unity and consistency, foster a love for the game, and help

our kids learn how to play Martha’s Vineyard soccer.